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After my mother passed away I would drive from Apopka to New Port Richey Florida to visit my dad.  On the way to dad's house I would pass a flea market.  One trip I decided to stop at the flea market and have a look around. 
While strolling through the booths I happened upon a booth and noticed a painting on the back wall.  I thought it looked like one my mother would have done.  Upon a closer look, sure enough, it was one of my mother's paintings.  It had a price of $20 on it.  After telling the man in the booth the story of my mother's passing away he decided to sell me the painting for $5.  Although I already had a few of mother's  paintings I wanted more. 
However, that's not the end of the story.  A few months later I was passing the flea market again and decided to stop.  Strolling through the booths, you guessed it, in a different booth from the last one I found another of mother's paintings.  I again told the vendor my story and although he had a price of $25 on the painting he sold it to me for $20. 
I would have bought them at any price as I consider mother's art priceless and want to keep as much in the family as possible.  I asked him how he came by the painting and he said that he picked them up from estate and garage sales.  From that I can only assume that mother had given the paintings to friends who had then passed on and the paintings were sold at estate or garage sales. 
The two paintings are represented in the art of my mother on this  site.