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Total Restoration

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Total Restoration
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I’m sure we have all heard about famous works of arts by the Masters being restored.  Paintings once damaged, stained, and lifeless can be brought back to their original brilliance.  Many of these restored pieces are housed in museums across our land.  Even stolen art, once found, can be restored. 

Another restoration process is the restoration of humans.  Yes, although damaged, stained, and lifeless they can be restored and become beautiful again.  How is this accomplished you ask?  Well there is one person who painted you into this world, gave you that ugly nose, large ears, and everything else people love about you.  That is the ultimate creator, God.  He is also the ultimate restorer.  He can bring a lifeless, sin stained, and hopeless person back to a beautiful person.  The tool that God uses to do the restoration is really special.  He uses His Son Jesus Christ to do the restoration.  Jesus, the paintbrush, will begin on the inside (your heart) and paint toward the outside.  No matter the damage, He is the ultimate restorer and can do the job! 

Begin restoration now!! 

Begin the process by simply asking Jesus to come into your heart and life.   Just sincerely pray this prayer and mean it.

“Jesus, I admit I’m a sinner and in need of a total restoration.  I believe that you can do the restoration so I am trusting in you.  Please come into my heart and begin the restoration process from the inside to the outside, top to bottom, and everything in between.  Amen”.

The next step you ask?  Well now it's up to you.  You need to learn more about Jesus and the many things He has for you.  I suggest you begin by attending a local church in your community.  If you are in the greater Orlando, Florida area please join us this Sunday at Calvary Assembly in Winter Park. 

Need directions?

If you wish more information or prayed this prayer please contact me by using the email link on this web site.

Jim Pierce