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Before restoration this car had a little rust on it.  As humans, we are much like this car and all have a little rust.  God calls that rust sin.  Even a little rust/sin separates us from God.  Just like the car, we can have the rust/sin removed from our lives and be restored to a correct relationship with God. 


Although this car has had the rust removed, the life of this car on the road will eventually end.  It may end up being crushed in a lowly junkyard or in some fine auto museum forever.  Like the car we can end up in a junkyard called Hell or in a wonderful place called God's Heaven.  The choice is ours to make. 


This car couldn't remove its own rust and we can't remove the sin in our lives.  We need help.  God has supplied that help though Jesus Christ.  If we accept Him we can have our sins forgiven and be totally restored to a correct relationship with God the Father. 


How would you answer the BIG question? 


If God were to ask "Why should I let you into my heaven?" what would your reply be?  Could you say "Because I've accepted your Son as my savior and had my sins forgiven"?  If you'd give some other answer and want to be sure you are going to heaven click HERE. 


If you'd like to find out how your relationship with God can be totally restored ask the owner of this car.  Contact him by email at:


J. Pierce