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I grew up in Ferndale, Michigan.  The main "drag" or street was Woodward Avenue.  The same Woodward Avenue that hosts the HUGE car event  "Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise" every year.  Thousands of classic cars participate in the cruise.  However, back in the day as I was growing up Woodward was where we cruised the drive-in restaurants, raced our cars (or our parents cars), and "made out", if we could.  Here's a poem about those days written by someone who also remembers.  Enjoy!!



Hunter Morley

Once upon a starry night

When we were young and bold

We cruised the drive-ins on the strip

From Ted’s to the Totem Pole

With flashing fins and smoking tires

In chrome machines we rolled

We were the Lords of Woodward nights

When we were young and bold

In cars of steel and chrome made in the U.S.A.

We never thought that we’d be caught

That our dreams would fade away

But then from all the mile road lights

Along the Woodward strip

With pedals floored the big eights roared

And they were hard to whip

Never blinking, never thinking

That we’d soon grow old

With blue jean queens in our dream machines

We squealed and peeled and rolled

The cars like stars that gleamed at night

Mean and fast and strong

Rock and roll was in our soul

And we could do no wrong

For we were the Lords of Woodward nights

When we were young and bold.

Source: Quoted from ”Born to Cruise Woodward,” the 1999 Calendar of the Ferndale Historical Society. Royal Oak, MI

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